Swiss Bureau of Intellectual Salons invites you to a fascinating world of aesthetics amid the charming settings of the special venues in Switzerland and France. Ease of communication, bohemian ambiance and quaintrelle philosophy open the doors to the unique realm of fashion and art history.

Art&Fashion Talks


people enhance their knowledge with historical lectures, sensory synesthesia, and interaction with each other in a specially selected location, while also enjoying aesthetic and culinary pleasure.
[N] is an educational gathering format where
is an educational gathering format where
What awaits you at our salons?
Our philosophy

Professional level of organization and thoughtful attention to all the details, so that you can relax and fully enjoy the time and place.

The Swiss Approach

Special locations throughout Switzerland - mansions, museums, restaurants and cultural spaces specially selected to match the Salon theme.


A club for an intelligent public, united by common interests in fashion and art, among whom you can find company for visiting the theater and exhibitions, business partners and people to share your hobbies.


Leisurely pastime with historical lectures filled with only accurate and curious facts, combined with the aesthetic pleasure of the ambiance and enriching conversations.

Entertaining meetup focused on fashion and art, where interesting and in-depth knowledge is presented in a light and engaging manner, accompanied by a light brunch
music salon
Chamber event where the life stories of great people are embodied in musical notes. The synthesis of words and live music will provide a unique experience of understanding epochs, fates, and the personalities of creators and their creations
English breakfast
A breakfast of elegance in the style of a classic British afternoon tea, where we talk about the history of art, fashion, royal traditions or jewelries while enjoying the best selection of Mariage Frères tea.
Perfume Salon

Immersive experience in the passionate realm of olfactory, where the stories of renowned fragrances are embodied and give rise to a range of emotions and feelings
Wine Salon
Thematic talks, intriguing comparisons, and conversations accompanied by a relaxed tasting of a diverse and extensive wine selection
Art mystery crime
For one evening you become a renowned artist, poet, designer, or jeweler, surrounded by other distinguished figures in a setting reminiscent of classic noir cinema, complete with live music. Together you will solve a mysterious crime in the world of art
Fêtes champêtre
Summer format of elegant gatherings "on the grass," featuring hors d'oeuvre, Champagne and thematic storytelling
let me speak from my heart . . . about art
quiz salon
Fashion QUIZ
Sophisticated evening of
fashion and wine.
QUIZ & Immersive edutainment - Fashion and Joy - Networking - Bubbles & Wine - Perfect Thursday afterwork

May 25, 2023
18.30 – 21.00



Секреты Парфюмерии. Истории известных ароматов
A cultural history of perfumes

June 03, 2023
19.00 – 21.00

Elsa Schiaparelli
Elsa Schiaparelli, a shocking life of Coco Chanel's enemy No. 1

Time is TBD
Bauhaus. Style that defined the world
Do you know what names like Porsche, Kandinsky, Paul Smith and Le Corbusier have in common?

Time is TBD
Ballets Russes & Sergei Diaghilev
The man who changed ballet, and the ballet that changed the world

Time is TBD
The House of Cartier. Never copy, only create
Cartier. The jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers

Time is TBD
Christian Dior
Christian Dior - Luxury is first and foremost simplicity

Time is TBD
Magic World of Perfumes (Part II)
From past to present. Modern niche perfume Maisons

Time is TBD
Mademoiselle Coco, or "S", which changed the fate

Time is TBD
French Riviera in the 20th
Non-casual acquaintance under the sun of Côte D'Azur

Time is TBD
My name is Annéke Aeberhard-Tsviliy. I am the founder of avecAnnéke, Inh., a Swiss bureau of lectures about art & fashion.

Since my childhood, I dreamed of connecting my life with history. I enjoyed thinking about epochs - distant from the present, imagining acquaintance with famous personalities. I remember as a child, my sister and I read biographies of Christian Dior, Consuelo Vanderbilt, and Paul Poiret and dreamed of trying on a dress by Jeanne Lanvin someday.

But as is often happens, the dream became a favorite hobby, and the profession, in my case a lawyer, only a distant echo of it.
In 2016, I decided to infuse creativity into my profession with two additional MAs degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Zurich, which opened me the door to the world of Fashion Law. But it wasn't enough...

So, after 17 years full of legal collisions, I finally found my way and figured out how to turn my knowledge and experience into something truly unique, something that brings beauty and art into everyone's life.

Thus, in Switzerland, the avecAnnéke, Inh. was born, where, in various formats, together with colleagues from different fields of art, I talk about fashion and art in a sophisticated atmosphere of a friendly circle.
Investing in knowledge pays the biggest dividends. I think the man depicted on the hundred-dollar bill knew what he was talking about, so for 10 years, I have been remaining a perpetual student and regular attendee at the IFM Paris fashion school, the London University of Arts, the FIT New York, the Hong Kong Institute of Design, and the applied art history educational programs of Christie's & Sotheby's auction houses.
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Welcome to our gift certificate section, where we believe that the best gift is knowledge. And not just any knowledge, but knowledge gained in a unique format, in a beautiful setting, and with a glass of champagne in hand. We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to give this priceless gift to your loved ones.

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